RICE 2008

RICE was a blast. Meeting up with otterman, lekowala and the rambling librarian is good, we had a mini conference in between the actual conference. So despite fretting over the lack of time and lumping slides from various presentations together (bad idea), had a good time just chatting over coffee and bumping into ex-students. Some of the concurrent sessions had good ideas too.
But the toll of the camp and Sunday hosting got to me and I was nodding off towards the end of first day and also towards the end of today. So need to recharge abit before preparing for Sedili which will be on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “RICE 2008”

  1. Good to chill out with you man. the work you presented was great by enrichment elective standards. Good work with those projects. The important thing is we went out there and presented. the network of kakis made the conference super meaningful. Our mini-symposium is quite the story itself!

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