Full Lunar Eclipse

This should be worth posting. The last full lunar eclipse for 2011.

The next one will be in 2014.

Was glad of the good location (kitchen window) and handy tripod.

Full eclipse


Finding focus for the blog

Had insomnia the past 2 nights. Will wake up at 12am and cannot go to sleep till 3am. Strangely I can still function after 2 consecutive nights of just 2 hours of sleep.

My mind kept coming back to the blog and what I am going to do with it.

The things I have been putting most of my energy and time in the past 2 years has finally come to a conclusion this Sept. It’s time to find a new focus and direction for this blog.

So things to start writing about.
1. My own Mac experience. Just to seal it
2. Research projects I am involved in.
3. My overseas service-learning project in Cebu
4. Photography
5. Books I enjoyed reading

That should keep me occupied for a while.

A quick update

Its been almost 4 weeks since she passed away. It was a peaceful departure in the end and I am glad that the suffering has ended.

Was very touched by the concern and well wishes from friends, colleagues, and even neighbors who happened to walk by. The 5 days passed so quickly and before one knows it, one is back to work.

The human mind is pretty resilient and thankfully I can kind of get back into the new routine without much difficulty.

Steve Jobs passed away on 5 Oct 2011. Another life taken away by cancer.