SAF Day 1 July 2013

Today I had to put on my green uniform and recite the SAF pledge in front of the school. This is a novel experience, standing in front of a hall of school kids and reciting the SAF pledge. I was glad that the 9 of us managed to complete the whole process in a dignified manner.

I am very proud of my SAF experience, nothing earth shaking there but it is personal testament of my growth as a person. I must say that I will be a different person today if not for my army experience. I certainly felt self conscious for I do not want to draw unwanted attention to myself, but I found myself gladly explaining to my colleagues about the new uniform and what I do now in reservist.

Had dinner today with Siva and Adrian after a good walk in the forest. We ended up sharing about our days in the army. I am glad I still go back to serve. I have a couple of years more, but I look forward to each reservist stint. For many reasons, one get to catch up with old friends, the rich conversations you have with people not in your line of work, and of course putting on the uniform allows you to be in touch again with your training. As with all the things we learnt, one needs to be current.

Does going to reservist take time away from my work? It certainly does. Does it disrupt my normal routine? Maybe. Should I do it? Of course! No need any profound reason, no need for special compensation, just doing my part as a Singaporean.


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