What I wrote so far, going to post it before 2011 ends



One cannot say you fired up the computer anymore. Macs now are so fast that the moment you lift the lid, the screen is there waiting for you, with all the apps you last opened still there. Gone where the days where you sit down and ponder about life while waiting for the progress bar to finish loading and you can still hear the hum and the click of the CPU in the background; and get worried when the clicking gets loud.

I was reading George Clooney’s interview on Equire, one of the preview articles you get for free on the iPad. You really consume a lot of information nowadays from everyone. While I was reading the article, I was thinking to myself, I liked how the words seemed to flow so nicely and how neatly they are arranged. You can almost hear him utter these words in front of you. That is when I realised I should start writing the blog post I have been putting aside for months. Otterman and Adrian has been hitting the lethal combination of Marsedit and Flickr and I better get started before the inertia gets larger.

Notable things to talk about and mention for 2011.

1. My mother: Hope you had gone to some place better and thank you for all you have done. Things will be different but will learn to adjust.

2. Sungei Buloh Anniversary Walk: Finally had the chance to join the group, and it was really fun to share the beauty of the place with an appreciative audience. The usual suspects were spotted, mudskipper, crab, dog faced water snake and crocodile!

3. Penang and Durian Coffee: Finally found time to squeeze a short trip. It was great just to walk around and soak in the sights and taste the great food.

4. The intern: Not mine but was glad how things will turn out.

5. Overseas Service-Learning Trip to Cebu: As with all trips, I learnt again abit of myself and was humbled by the amazing people who dedicated their lives making the lives of others better.

6. The full lunar eclipse: beautiful and magnificent sight.

7. Greeting cards from overseas: simple gesture but touching and brings a smile always.

8. I actually won a photo competition!

9. Books I read: Life Ascending, the ideas suggested makes me want to rewrite all the notes I did for the students.

10. Movies worth mentioning. Invictus.

11. Coffee Mugs – I broke 2 bodum coffee mugs and got back 2


Ok shall post this before I go for the wedding photo assignment. Shall come back with photos and more stuff.


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