For 2011

Realised I have not come to this page in a while. Was talking to Siva and he was saying that the average access for a blog should be around 80 hits per day for it to be useful.

Well this blog may now serve a different purpose. What it is may need some time to take form.

Last year can be said to the the year I was standing at the crossroads, or perched at the edge of a cliff, looking at what lies ahead and wondering which route to take, or deciding if I should just take a plunge.

Well come 2011, I am still perched there. Looking over and still deliberating though I know I must decide very soon. For now work has started and you know what that means.

Interesting that I am appointed an ICT mentor for some colleagues, had my first session last week where I went through basics such as switching on and off the mac, where are the apps, what is the command button for. It was quite invigorating and hopefully this will continue for a while. Perhaps this will be my shot at being an ADE.

Went Nepal last year, it was exhausting, exhilarating and enlightening. Feels really good to be back trekking in the mountains and just listen to the sound of your own heartbeat and your footsteps crunching on the leaves beneath. The only regret is that I should have stayed longer and conditioned myself better. Well till the next trip. Definitely going back. Photos:


What will this year be like? Will spend alot of time with family this year. Have to work to focus in school as well.


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