Much as we like to treasure it and make every moment count. It’s also important to learn the natural order of things and learn to let go.

To my dear friend and colleague. Thank you for everything. You’ll be remembered and dearly missed.

23 Jan
The week finally passed. Already things seem hazy. The rush to the hospital, reading the letters, organising visits, hoping and praying, then the heartbreaking news. Had to continue to go to consultation for another case, offer encouragement, advice and comfort and be your normal self in class. You also still need to be clear headed and plan and think of policies for the SL programme.

Ended the week with OSL parents’ meet, its really heartening to see the 06 batch return. Such little actions do mean a lot and I guess it is also fitting to say farewell from OSL with this gathering; a catching up of the seniors and also planning ahead.

The next few weeks do not look like its going to let up much. Though am grateful for the texts, emails, cards and books.


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