Quick update while waiting at the hospital

Went back school yesterday for a NE framework discussion. The plans are going on very well in the capable hands of my colleagues and now we just need to see how to convince the rest of the school that this is important and worth spending time into.

Being NE coordinator is such an interesting role. On one hand you know it is important, hey national interests, everyone need to know and understand that we should service and contribute. Wrong everyone is serving and contributing already. Just that when you put it on the table to talk about it… people become shy. So next year you must be thick skinned and say phrases like ‘I love Singapore’ without blinking an eyelid.

Spent the afternoon meeting the OSL 09 mentors. Need to talk to them abit to close up the trip, if they can find the time. All flying off to various exotic places to spend the holidays.

Worked on the journal club programme for the RA students next year. Looks exciting. So far collected about 20 pieces of reading. Will see how things goes.

Reading Chi Running now. May it bring the joy back to running and remove the pain in my knees.


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