Will be in the rice fields again

This has kind of become a yearly pilgrimage. Since 2006, the end of November marks the beginning of a trip to visit Takeo province in Cambodia, to take in the fresh air, endless rice fields and smiling faces.

Already thinking of the stars there. Hmm maybe should bring a star chart this time.

Of course this is also the period where the school held the last event for the graduating batch, farewell alma mater. This year is in Hilton Hotel and there is always this sense of finality and anticipation about as you see the seniors decked in their finery and trying to navigate in their heels. Got a bit worried for a few. Such a interesting sequence for at the same time I am thinking of their seniors now toiling away at the A levels. Ah the point in time where significant milestones are just 2 years apart. That makes for interesting times as Terry Pratchett would say. One wishes them well and all the very best and hope some keep in touch.

Still have to come back school for some stuff after the trip but will not think about it. The brain is kind of bursting after all the meetings.

Well till then.

Will just add on to this post since it is about OSL.
Today is the day where the team pulled out from Sok Ann and have the final facilitation in Phnom Penh.

Many questions will be asked. My own personal favorite: The most challenging part of osl is not when you are there working hard. The most challenging part is what you do when you come back to the comforts of the home.

Have asked this to 3 batches already. Hope they will remember this question for tonight.


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