Off to Phnom Penh tomorrow

Neil Gaiman is here again. It’s a pity this time round won’t be hearing him talk about Coraline and just soak in the magic.

Well you can see he seem to be having fun.

Have to drop everything and make a quick trip to Phnom Penh to tie things up for the coming expedition in Nov. Despite trying not to meddle too much this year, will be going down for a week in Nov. Told myself will be just photographs and maybe help out in the kitchen. Will try to make myself as small as possible.

The year is winding down, still lots of testimonials to write. Which reminds me I should not be blogging. But there is a certain therapeutic element in seeing your thoughts take shape in front of the screen. Or maybe it is just plain displacement behaviour.

Have been using the metaphor of a roller coaster quite often. Now its plunging down and down. You realise then you just have to let go of the roller coaster. Things will be alright.


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