Some bits about today

Started the day early, trying to finish up the slides for the Environmental Biology options today. Even though its my second time teaching it, still felt that there are some areas to be improved. In fact I spent the weekend thinking about how to make the story flow, the story of rainforest ecology.

Was busy searching and arranging the slides over the weekend, wanted to focus on the types of forests found in Singapore, peculiarities of the rainforests in this region and how Singapore is connected to the other rainforests in South East Asia during the Pleistocene epoch were one big connected landmass.

As of today 11.30am, I have 88 slides and was still trying to fit in the theory of island biogeography into the 2 hours I am supposed to have. In the end decided just on focusing 2 main parts. 1. Types of rainforests found in Singapore, The forest growth cycle, Nutrient cycling in the rainforest, interesting flora and faun. 2. Issues facing Bukit Timah forest, mainly pressure from increased visitorship and surrounding development.

Mentioned also the research studies projects I worked with my students in 2004. The Bukit Timah survey by CA and NA, and the Mandai reforestation survey by JH and Jl. Seeing those slides again brought back many good memories. Will be sharing the work on Calophyllum distribution after the trip to Bukit Timah this week.

Stayed back to catch up on the marking after a 4 hour marathon lecture. Just hope that what I shared made sense. Did not get to cover island biogeography in the end. Will have to plan that for the next lesson. Started seeing stars 90 scripts later and I know I have to stop. Packed up and took my usual walk out. Passed by a bakery for a quick bite of bread and walked through my usual route across Borders. Picked up a book which I will be reading very carefully.

The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama


Will look forward to some quiet time to read.


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