Opening of the Wallace Environmental Learning Laboratory

Raffles Girls’ School Wallace Environmental Learning Laboratory finally opens yesterday, 5 Sept together with the opening of the Wallace Education Center in the 63 hectare Diary Farm Nature Park.

This lab serves to provide field studies education for schools and is has the capability to house a class of 40 or more at each time. Courses in basic or advanced environmental studies such as soil studies, aquatic invertebrate studies, quadrat sampling, forest studies can be conducted there.

The environmental laboratory has a nice library with a good selection of natural history and environmental titles and also a good series of documentaries.

This laboratory was conceptualised last year August (could still vividly the stress and nervousness when we presented the concept to the sponsors) and took a year of painstaking preparation. Till Friday evening we were all still setting up for the official opening on 5 Sept.

Looking forward to having my classes there very soon. Still more work to be done but happy work.

Report on Opening of Dairy Farm Nature Park by National Parks Board, Singapore.


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