Back to Work

After a 2 week stint amongst pioneer plants and shrub land it really feels strange to be back to work again. In fact I was getting this sense of detachment as I was taking the daily lorry ride to the training site during the last few days of training. This sense of you doing work in the background so that the rest of the civilised world can lead their daily lives. Not that I am doing something terribly important there, but the act of putting on the uniform and going for training does change one’s mind a little.

Glad that the weather was kind for the past few days but still got a nice tan for all the time out in the sun. Met alot of interesting people as well, a DJ, bankers, someone from Borneo Motors and a guy in the fertiliser business.

Some things of interest – Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is out! And otterman already has his hands on a copy.


I am going to order my copy soon. Will wait for next week when I am back in school.

Something noteworthy as well. The Department of Biological Sciences are celebrating their 60th Anniversary with a series of public lectures. Will be going for a few. Details below:

All lectures @ LT 31: 6.30pm – 8.00pm

Register at:

Tues, 18 August 2009
Prof. Paul Matsudaira – ‘Movement is Life’
Prof. Leo Tan – ‘Confessions of a Nature Addict’

Tues, 1 September 2009
Assoc. Prof. Hugh Tan – ‘Cultivating the Native Plants of Singapore’
Dr. Chew Fook Tim – ‘Your Sweat: Wound Healer, Virus Inhibitor and Bacteria Killer’

Tues, 15 September 2009
Prof. Richard Corlett – ‘Plants on the Move: Seed Dispersal and Climate Change’
Assoc. Prof. Lim Tit Meng – ‘Programmed Cell Death: What Happens When the Programme Fails?’

Tues, 29 September 2009
Adj Assoc. Prof. Stella Tan – ‘CSI: NUS – Forensic Science and the Law.’
Prof. Peter Ng – ‘Climate Change and Marine Biodiversity – Lessons from a Small Red Dot’


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