Catching up on my reading

Have been away for 2 weeks, back to reservist training. What I do is not something highly classified, just back as a trainer. My job involves plenty of time outdoors, walking around and assessing recruits. This nice mixture of exercise and outdoors really does wonders for the soul.

Now having a short break before going back again tomorrow, hence catching up on my reading.

A few good articles worth mentioning:

One on the current state of the science of taxonomy. Some call it an art, but taxonomy is able to make predictions, so I think its a science, an important one too. See the article by Carol Kaesuk Yoon:
Reviving the lost art of naming the world.

Carl Zimmer has an excellent series on the evolution of Eukaryotes and warming of the earth. On the origin of Eukaryotes

On global warming and evolution

We are all just microbes within microbes? No, we are microbes within microbes within microbes according to Carl Zimmer in Science.


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