Talking about photography and a quote by Bruce Percy

Had a very interesting conversation with an extremely talented photographer just now. Basic ‘talk shop’ e.g. what lens, when was this taken? How did you get such good colors? etc.

Bruce Percy wrote this. I agree whole heartedly.

The strength of an image lies within the photographer and not with the equipment.

If it were true that it lay with equipment, then we’d all be taking fabulous pictures, but that’s not the case. Some photographers have a way of seeing that is exceptional.
Robert Capa’s war photographs are a perfect example. Technically they’re blurred, fuzzy and taken on films that are poor by today’s standards, yet his images contain a depth and impact that overcome any technical limitations of the equipment that was available to him at that time. This was a man who was obsessed with making powerful images.

I believe that if you want to take great photos, you have to invest in finding and developing your style of photography. If you have a desire to create strong images you will do so no matter what the technical limitations are that you are faced with. In fact, often it is these limitations that provide us with the need to experiment, to be inventive and extract as much out the equipment as we can. In other words less is more.

Back to school tomorrow. Hope for a simple term.


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