Back to work – Last 2 weeks

Been away for 3 days from work last week. Seagrass meeting with Len and Siti at labrador before going back to serve the country wearing green. As usual, reservist lets one interact and talk to people from all walks of life. My social circle is indeed very limited, only educators and academia and students. Your perspective in life, no matter how much you read, will still be confined and nothing beats talking and chatting with people.

The island I had my training, not sure if I am allowed to mention the name, was mainly secondary forest interspersed with rubber plantation (then again this applies to many islands). Saw Chalotes versicolor, skinks, and a small woodpecker. No hill mynahs or drongo. Geographical barrier from mainland? Will be interesting biogeographic study.

The weather was blistering hot and I spent alot of time walk. In fact I will walk for more than three quarters of the day, pausing to carry out various exercises and also lunch. Sunset and sunrise over the island is magnificent. Really remind of days in Sok Ann, Cambodia, where your life is reduced to basics and you are far happier from it.

Had time to reflect on things so far. Good break. Now looking forward to the 2 weeks in August.


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