Seagrass training update – Level 1 and 2 completed

Went Pulau Semakau yesterday and had a really good time. Saw a file snake, a synaptic sea cucumber (that stretched to about 60cm), and had my first encounter with knobbly seastars.

The afternoon session was long but rich and intense. Learnt many things.

Also saw how powerful such a simple monitoring activity can be.

Need to really sit down and look through the labrador stuff. ‘

Ok now off to Check Jawa.

Limits of blogging is that updated entries do not appear at the top.

3 May 09

Finished 3 day of seagrass training and now I am level 2 certified. The 3 day session is immense enjoyable and fulfilling. Very humbled by the dedication of the trainers Len and Rudi from Seagrass Watch. Alot of information and knowledge to internalize.



More details of the workshop by Ria in the Team Seagrass page.

Personal takeaways. Need more focus and I really should spend time to do Labrador site well.


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