Need to keep the edge

Today was as usual, preparing for lesson, meeting students for Nature Week, chasing students for Nature week, digesting what need to be done for JGIS (Jane Goodall Institute Singapore), then the usual acad stuff and admin matters.

Took a quick breakfast and saw an escaped parrot, after searching Dr Wee’s blog, confirmed its a cockatoo. It was perched on a Cassia fistula tree and pecking at the seed pods. We do not have native parrots but definitely have escapees.

That was probably the highlight of the day. After which colleague passed a note to prepare for a meeting tomorrow morning. List of things to do. Another letter asking for participants in a competition came in. Bell rang and off I went for lesson. Talked about the cookatoo and an oriental pied hornbill a student saw outside school. Went to meet my service learning groups. Finished discussion and before I know it its time to meet my research studies group.

Went there not feeling at my best, looked at the distribution of Callophylum at the Botanic Gardens Jungle. Stared at the data and suddenly I could not really make sense of it. This is not good, I need time to sit down quietly and make sense of the data. Had more of these last time in my previous forest fragmentation project, mangrove reforestation project or even seagrass survey. Got to keep the edge and not lose basic skills of biologist. Will make more time.


One thought on “Need to keep the edge”

  1. hey mr. lim! back again, super tired after chionging tons and tons of homewk. thankful to you for not loading bio on top… just sacrificed the chance to go for ORA all bcos of the pile of homewk resting precariously on my shoulders. wah so figurative… haha. super jittery for monday’s SPA, my hand still so -.-” shaky… (sigh) and I maintain that it is genetic… ahahah (冷笑)obviously its not but never mind, shall never say die and continue to act cool. Anyway, jiayouz for lessons and courses, I know you are super bz everyday, sometimes so ganchiong(anxious) that you lose your train of thought. haha, calm down, k? They say time and tide wait for no man, but hey your students can and will wait for you, uh at least i do. :) Hav a great weekend! Smile! =)

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