Wishlist at mangrove workshop this Friday

The coordinator emailed me this list. Almost fainted. How to cover in 40 minutes?

They seem to think I am otterman.

The list.
More quality professional presentation on the mangroves ecosystem instead of more on the attendees participating in giving presentation/acts which may not provide the accurate information. (Pls avoid a similar agenda like the “Fishy” workshop.)

How to encourage care for the mangroves

Types of vertebrates found in Mangrove ecosystem.

Talk more about the big picture – Singapore
How to let visitors realise that although they seem distant, they are still relevant to the habitats around them. As well as specific small actions they can take that directly impact the habitats (things like lobbying their local supermarket to stop using unsustainable palm oil sources is probably too radical for most Singaporeans)

How to invite visitors to ask questions they are afraid to ask.

Types of mangrove trees

How to make the guiding session as comprehensive as possible

How mangroves can relate with the people living in city (Eg. Singapore)? And vice versa.

Public communication- how to speak with confidence

How to overcome the challenge – from those who demand that guides know everything and deliberately show disrespect to the environment

Please provide many slides


Natural purpose of mangrove swamp.

Issues relating to licensing of nature guides in Singapore, if necessary or relevant.

Action plan to save mangroves other than through education

What percentage of land in Singapore is mangrove, and is it possible to increase this?


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