Tidied up LYFE blog

Supposed to work on good practice day slides but ended up tidying the LYFE blog instead.

Added in Earth Hour publicity and created links for key affiliates.

I love Marsedit.

Now back to work.


One thought on “Tidied up LYFE blog”

  1. hey mr. lim! decided u were a seriously nice teacher so decided to come back again. :D Take care, ok? 405 missed a very precious bio lesson just few days ago cos u werent in sch… aww we were wondering where u went… :( anywayz, hope you are feeling better! :) Smile!

    Btw, I PARTICIPATED IN EARTH HOUR!!! Whoots! So fun, my mum dint agree with me at first cos she say weather is so hot then she want to iron clothes also but i promised her that if she turn off the electrical appliances then i will help her iron, then she immediately say can le… lol. But i did lar. haha. :)

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