Minor crash right at the start

This is not as serious as Lance’s collar bone. But an inconvenience nonetheless. Had food poisoning on Monday night, body responded with fever, for a while I was worried about malaria since fever started at night but then realised incubation was about 10 days.

Have these things to clear meanwhile –
1. Dalton school visit presentation tomorrow
2. One lesson on Biofuel by next week
3. Macroconcept game by next week
4. Mangrove talk and workshop next friday

Forgot to mention this interesting article on the pink elephant. Apparently albino elephants are pink, not white.

Also, the 6 tonnes of iron dumped into the southern ocean did not help algae to growth much. Now we wonder if there is any side effects from this increase in iron in the water. To be fair, the ocean is a vast system with numerous variables, just predicting the current flow is a headache. Perhaps more tests needed, can we just dump in more algae grown in tanks? Since algae is now used for biofuel production. Or taking algae out of the ocean and putting them in bioreactors.


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