Back from Taman – rather its fringe

Took a 4 hour drive up to the edge of Endau rompin and stayed for 3 days. Flora and fauna was very interesting even at a beach resort. Saw praying mantis, swiftlets nesting along the corridors, kingfisher, ghost crab, skink, and there was this coastal patch with lots of mosses and ferns.

Also my first sighting of the Common Butterfly Lizard. Leiolepis belliana. They were quite common at the sandy patches of the resort, basking themselves, displaying to their neighbours. Tried to chase a few down but failed. Getting rusty.

Got time to sit down to read a book and savor sunrise. That was good.

There is a kingfisher calling outside now. Hmm strange time and place.

Goal for this term. Stay positive and try your best.


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