Meeting otterman first time for 2009

Shook off a mild flu to meet otterman who seemed to have fully recovered.

As usual the conversation will be about macs (leopard performing well on a G4), blogs (his recent posts), lessons (updates on how we can improve on teaching biomes, felt that I need to put in more work), iworks09, ICCS, NTU Bike Rally 2008, Phd projects and Envirofest in July.

As you can see, one cup of green tea latte can’t quite cover the entire length of the conversation.

Its a good start for the year and looking forward to more quick kopi sessions in the future.

Was trying to show otterman this recent Nat Geog article on soil. Finally found it.

Where soil begins.



One thought on “Meeting otterman first time for 2009”

  1. Yeah dude, so may ideas, so little time.

    We’ll get Lekowala in the next time. Definitely changing my biomes lecture too, after seeing what you comfortably left your girls to read up on their own.

    Thanks for the NG soil feature alert, will use.

    I have a few Wired articles to highlight too.

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