Back from Cambodia

Finally, after 8 months of preparation, OSL 08 was done. This has been an intense journey and I am really glad for being part of such a great team. Could I have been a better mentor? I cannot say for sure but I really do hope that the trip was a good one for all.

Going back to Sok Ann and Meakea now feels like going back to a second home. The rice fields rustling in the wind, the strands of dust swirling round, all the smiling faces on bicycles and ox carts. And of course the clear blue sky and the stars at night, Orion and Big Dipper facing each other 4am in the cool brisk morning. This trip do not seem like a final one for I am definitely going back there to serve them. Some plans are already running though my mind and I think Meakea 2009 is very likely. This will be a personal trip, a simple one, just pure plain service.

Heard alot of stories this time round but the tour guide who taught himself English and Japanese so he can get a job left a deep impression. With his quiet demeanor and smile, he has managed to accomplish so much more with so little available. Another valuable lesson to one to think about.

2009 looms ahead, time to collect my thoughts for the coming year. It will be a very different one with OSL.


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