Quick update

Been swamped with work. 4 hrs of sleep maximum a day. You wake up at 4am wondering where you are and then try to snatch a few minutes more before you really need to wake up.

Last 2 weeks was intense, I cannot fully remember what I had to do but Stand Up Take Action distinctively left deep impression. Remembered running around alot to check on presentation, approve forms and make sure we are ready for the big day.


It was great, just wished I had time to sit down and savor the process better.

In between squeezed in writing comments, keying in marks, doing presentation for clean and green week plus many paperwork stuff which comes with what I am currently doing now.

The trip down labrador park was really great. Shall post photos next time.

Now back to the desk.

Here’re the photos from Labrador Park

sea anemone.jpg

hairy crab.jpg
labrador 1.jpg

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