It takes about 10 minutes, with alot of yanking and pulling to extract a molar. This was done with 3 breaks in between.

Thankfully for a LA, no pain, but you felt as if someone is trying to yank a part of your head off. That process is disturbing. If I was Jack Bauer and I was tortured as such, I will gladly say everything.

The molar in question had a hairline crack, probably from me attacking a crab or something. This crack slowly grew and expanded into pulsing area of pain. This was probably why I was in pain and having a headache over the weekend.

Had to endure the pain to finish the presentation, which went quite well I think.

Now I get a day’s rest, no solid food. No talking.

Just hope that we win the proposal.


3 thoughts on “Extraction”

  1. oh no… will you be on soft or semi-solid food for 2 weeks? I had 2 root canals, punctuated periods of swelling of my left face, and worn-out my right molars (up and down)… so refilled those 2. All in the span of 5 months! I feel ur pain… hang in there and take care!

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