Good read – ‘Steve and Me’


Because this book needed special care, I only started reading it over this weekend. Must say this gave me another insight on how passionate Steve Irwin is about his life and the things he care about. What struck me more is the work he put in in improving his zoo. Certainly someone who really lives for nature. If there is anything to learn, its the amazing clarity of his thoughts and his actions, and how willing Steve Irwin is to work hard.

Also the book is a simple and moving story of how 2 people are connected and bonded to face whatever challenges ahead. Something nice to reflect on.

Did a post on Steve Irwin in 2006 when he passed away. That did not do him much justice but I remembered I was in the middle of quite a few things. A better account has to be from his wife, Terri.

Lost my nalgene in the conference. That bottle has been to Kinabalu, Egypt and many other places. Well time to consider a new one.


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