Cycling – Changi to East Coast

Did a nice extended ride from Changi to East Coast. The park connectors were really well constructed and the relatively few people around made for a easy ride along the coast. A nice sea breeze helped give some respite form the heat.

Got a good GT bike so the pedaling was effortless. Must remember not to rest elbows on handlebars and try to open 100 plus bottle in the future. The last try yesterday sent me crashing onto some railing and threw me out of the bike. Fortunately I had enough sense to abandon bike and do a quick roll on the floor. So I go away with only a handlebar shaped bruise on the thigh (which turning blue nicely) and a scrapped knee. No need for otterman’s ‘Brave Soldierscreenshot_01.jpg‘.

Of course any trip to Changi has to be completed with a nice lunch.

So all in all a nice day. Around 20km, nice sea view and great company.


setting off.jpg

Setting off..

Changi Park Connector.jpg

Changi Park connector. Lined with big trees


First casualty. Fell off racer. Ivan administering first aid.


First aid kit finally seeing some action after so many rides.


En route to east coast.


The important ice cream stop.

Brave soldier! Puts hair on the chest.


3 thoughts on “Cycling – Changi to East Coast”

  1. My secret hair pulling
    Since I was a girl, plucking my hair has been a source of stress and comfort. It’s also left me with two bald spots
    By Yvonne Georgina Puig

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