Formatting Imac and something about Nintendo Wii

Cleared out the Imac over the weekend. And backed up using Superduper. On second thought time machine might work better. It offers what superduper does for free. I do not really need a bootable backup as I have a leopard installation disk. So will consider it tonight.

Wanted to post this cool video on the Nintendo Wii, but Siva beat me to it. Oh well, after I get my RSS feed up and working. Wiimote whiteboard is such an ingenious solution.

More about Johnny Lee – Johnny Chung Lee > Projects > Wii

Having a case of food poisoning, woke up at 3am with this terrible gut wrenching pain. And now trying to survive the day.


One thought on “Formatting Imac and something about Nintendo Wii”

  1. get a wii!!!! haha.. so that i can play boxing with you haha. since i cant do it in real life, a virtual one will suffice. haha
    quoting you -‘no fish prawn also good’

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