ORA and other things

Week ended with ORA. Started very early in the morning, went around the various stalls and buying things. Of course its always a pleasure catching up with those in RJC now.

LYFE did good, just simple buttons and tote bags made a small profit. Good start to the banded leaf monkey project.

OSL 2008’s first project was a resounding success. Everyone stayed and could could see their passion to the expedition when they are trying to raise funds. Team morale is high and hope that it continues. There is still a long way ahead.

RGS ONE is also progressing well. Its steadily growing bigger, which needs some adjustment over my side. Well once things get firmed up, it will be exciting.

The MINDs project finally kicked off too. Raised a good amount for MINDs today. Mural painting planning after May. This will another meaningful project.

Went to BTNR for the forest ecology carbon assessment course in the day. Its really good to be working with researchers (from Smithsonian Institute) and listening to them share the current research in rainforest ecology. Really miss just going to the field to do research.

Catching up with na is good. Chai tea and observing people bustling by from behind glass doors can be quite soothing after an intense day.

Next week, Mandai mangroves on Friday.


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