NSTA Day 2

Today’s session was intense. Packed with research on effective science lessons and also a few interesting ideas which I can immediately use in the classroom. The energy level of the participants and the presenters is infectious and this is a scale which I had not encountered before. Liked particularly the one

It rained today, woke up and stared incredulously outside the window. Did not look forward venturing outside for anything. When one went out, the combination of ice cold water falling on you plus a brisk cold gust trying to sweep you off is something which should only be tried once.

One interesting session was the use of a new site set up by cold spring harbour to understand gene structure and also giving students a chance to hunt for novel genes in the RICE genome. Known as dynamic gene, there is a good amount of content and hands on for a few lessons.

The jacket finally arrived. Won’t freeze to death now. Unfortunately only 2 more days left. Hmm won’t mind having another week.


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