Learning journeys and pre conference preparations

So one thing followed another, after a long course on Character education, learning journeys at lower peirce begun. The initial concerns about whether this trip will be interesting for the students still lingered when the bus set off as this will be the first time the entire level visits the place. So was quite glad that despite a few minor incidents, the weather was kind and lower peirce yielded enough interesting things (copper cheeked frog, culogo, green crested lizard and bronze back snake) to rate this trip as a success.

Was also trying to settle as many things as possible before leaving. Slides to be finalized, handouts and worksheets to be prepared, time tables to look after, last minute instructions to my classes… Its like the days leading up to RICE. Still have not much clue about what the conference is going to be like and how to go about doing things. Maybe will read about it tomorrow.

Thankfully today will just be spent at home writing a testimonial, one which I feel very privileged to compose. You really learn to savour quiet moments like this.


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