Eye is better

Went to see the doctor again, and this time had a needle poked into my eye repeatedly. I think the doctor do not like me alot. The pain was excruciating and I was tearing and gasping for air when he was done. Had to fight not to move my head in case any sudden shift will result in my eye ball accidentally punctured. And wouldn’t that be interesting.

A lot of fluid was drained. And I had to wear an eye patch to allow for the cut to heal. So went home and slept alot, for the eye was really tired. Walking back using only one eye was interesting, your spatial sense is completely gone and you do not dare to run after buses etc for fear of knocking into people or objects.

The weather turned cool last night. Finally some respite from the heat.


4 thoughts on “Eye is better”

  1. oh my goodness, just realised that your eye infection had turned so serious… hope u are feeling better soon. Take good care of those eyes, I just found more cool books to share wif ya!

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