Quick post from Buloh

Since its first launch, this is the second time I am bringing my mac down to SBWR and using its wireless facilities.

Was caught in the rain for most of the time there and spent most of the time observing tidal speed and duration of submersion from the hide at the bridge. Saw 3 Ivory Beaked Kingfishers (they must appear when I did not bring my camera). Anyway the comfort level of the team is getting better, they braved the rain and mud and went on bravely to do all the neccessary data collection. Managed to achieve what we set out to do, which is excellent. The guard took pity on the drenched team and offered us hot milo. Which is a godsend.

A monitor lizard just crawled past me.

Good to see the 07 Sec 4 batch back. Afterall its 2 years with them and how 4 weeks can change a person. Somehow you can see that they carry themselves differently. Pity I had to leave for Sungei Buloh. Well hoping for other times to catch up properly.


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