More on Egypt

Came back to work. Hope there will be a good year in 2008. Stepping back to school felt strange. You are kind of bracing yourself for things to come instead of taking it head on. Well it will change by next week.

Still feel like I need to catch my breath back. The quiet these few days is good. Ironic that after a break you need time to catch up with yourself.

Well more about Egypt. Again you see cycles in motion. A nation will reach its peak an another will succeed. You see how people deal with mortality. How they try to make sense of the things around them.

You also experience how tiny you are in the desert. How easy it is to be lost in there. How time and space lost meaning to our senses.

Here are the photos.


Well a few words for a long trip. But sometimes there is no need for more.

Lunch and dinner yesterday was good. Sometimes good conversation and just simply catching up and talk is be the best thing. You don’t have to go far for it.
Happy 2008 everyone.


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