Back from Cambodia

Finally completed OSL Cambodia.

This trip is different. Different team, different feelings as well. As with most things, you are grateful for a second chance to do things right.

Was also grateful to the mentors and teachers, for trying their best, for all the support and for all the help. This team is a more cheerful and fun loving lot, but again you can see how they have grown and learnt as the days pass.

This time round did not bring my SLR so spent more time really just soaking in everything. From the earthy smell the evening breeze brings, to the gentle rustling of the rice in the fields, the golden glow of the fields in the sunset, the crunch of the pebbles as you stroll down the path, the nice cool pond water and the birds flying back to roost in the evening.

Well there is still next year.  And one is indeed grateful for all these opportunities.


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