plants and stuff

Just completed a 5 session course on plant identification with Dr Shawn Lum and nature society and I am happy to say I am quite comfortable with identifying close to 20 families of plants. That was really a satisfying moment as I could now add on the what I already know. So all the night classes, often ending close to 10pm were indeed well spent.

Went down to help out with the pasir panjang heritage trail plant ID and drawing workshop last Saturday. That was a good session in the NUS Life Science lab. Looking at all the specimens brought back memories of those days when I was tutoring undergrads. How different things are now, still teaching, but different group.

More details  of the workshop here.


But all these things take a toll, been clocking more than 15 hr days; you get up, run to school and boom you are hit with all manner of things.

Up at 5am today, probably still feeling the effects of the past few days of intense activity. Too many things packed in too few days and one regret was missing 404 bbq.  Well hope for more chances in future.

Off to Vietnam in 2 hours time, not packed yet.

Waiting for Monday to finalise OSL and then Sedili.


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