Of farewells, stardust, chimps and Macaddicts

This week was intense as usual. Had fundraising for netball carn. Cooking lessons for OSL (curry fish was good, looking forward to it).

Dr Jane Goodall  arrived for roots and shoots Singapore. Had the incredible opportunity of hearing her speak and also witness the growing roots and shoots community in Singapore. The wildlife stampede was fun, RGS participated as a troop of banded leaf monkeys and an assortment of marine creatures from Chek Jawa.

Sec 4 farewell assembly was on Friday. Want to say goodbye to alot of people but there wasn’t a chance to. That was regretful. This was the batch I taught when I first joined RGS and now they are leaving.

LYFE farewell – had to miss a whole lot of it a few things were going on at once. Will miss the Sec 4s. They have been such a godsend to the club. Hope their legacy will continue.

So ended at 11 plus after a delightful dinner at Delhi restaurant. I love Indian food.

Finally The Biology Refugia presents: The Macaddict Biology Symposium
Saturday, 3rd November 2007: 9am – 12pm
NUS DBS Conference Room, S3-05.


  1. Adrian Loo
  2. Lim Cheng Puay
  3. N. Sivasothi

That was a really good way to end the weekend. Now looking forward to next one.

Forgot to mention Stardust.  It was a really nice show. Neil Gaiman has once again cast his magic and made the movie alive.



3 thoughts on “Of farewells, stardust, chimps and Macaddicts”

    i am not about to say goodbye … not yet!


    oh yes. pay comes on the 20th/21st, so mmmm 23rd? it’s a friday! so we can all TGIF (thank god it’s friday) because you are treating us to dinner and i am treating y’all to dessert. xD can?

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