1 more week

I still cannot believe that next week will be farewell. After 4 years together, I will bid goodbye to the yellow batch. The batch whom I met when they were sec 1s, when I started my teaching career and whom I followed up for 2 years.

So many memories, first bio lesson, first overseas trip, first OSL trip, first sec 4 batch. banded leaf monkey, Jane Goodall…  Well all things will come to an end and a new beginning awaits for them. So all the very  best and godspeed.

Swenson’s on Friday was a life saver. Its good to get out of the maddening crowd and just spend a quiet afternoon enjoying good company and icecream. Though I profess rubic cubes do give one headaches.

Friday’s chek jawa was good. Finally went at a good low tide, saw a good many things. Atlas moth, caught a draco, saw a bat, oriental pied hornbill and of course the familiar ensemble at the mud flats. The RA girls are good company too. Again the fresh air, sun and sights of ubin makes one feel so much better.

Went for entrepreneurship summit at SMU today. Interesting how different business presentations are made. All talked about how hard it was to start up, to take risk and to persevere and succeed. Isn’t it same in Science? One almost always never gets it right the first time, but as scientists we know and anticipate failures, we quickly move on and trouble shoot and we just report what we discovered in the end. The arduous journey to that end is almost never mentioned in scientific conferences.

Rushed down Labrador park for a quick survey of the seagrasses. Saw a baby squid, lots of hairy crabs and enjoyed the soft golden glow the setting sun cast on everything. The walk in to the park was most enjoyable. Good place to think through things.

I am now head of Raffles Outreach. Wonder what that means.


2 thoughts on “1 more week”

  1. hey.. nv tell me of ur new appointment (: haha. small fish is quickly growing up to be a big important fish. (: all the best!

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