in school now

All is quiet. The office is in semi darkness and the lights at my cubicle is off. I left it as such and turned on the table lamp instead. Now the desk has a nice yellow glow. The peace and tranquility is comforting. A koel has seemed to take up residence on one of the palm trees just outside the staffroom. Its calls has been heard since last Friday. Possibly due to the palms bearing fruits. Shall try to spot it later.

Quite a bit of work left. Had been steadily plodding through the mountain of stuff and yes finally the light of the tunnel is near.  Sometimes there is a reason for me lagging behind in work. Could it be I have a few other concurrent commitments which still need my attention? Shall not list them but safe to say I am happily occupied till 9 Dec, after which 2008 beckons.

Right back to the pile.

Things to look forward to. Wildlife parade at 2 Nov. Meeting up with otterman, lekowala 3 Nov. Sedili trip and of course Cambodia.

Cambodia – second trip this time. Well shall write more after I clear my stuff.


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