Paradise in School, Common flameback outside school

Been on a lucky streak. Saw a paradise tree snake on a mango tree in school on Tuesday. It snuck into a hollow in the tree and refused to exit. 3 other colleagues saw it so that was quite an experience.

A paradise tree snake, Chrysopelea paradisi is our local glider. It can glide from tree to tree by flattening its torso so that it is spread out like a ribbon.  Feeds on small lizards.

Walking out of school this evening held another surprise. Saw 2 common flameback woodpeckers, Dinopium javanese, perched on a rain tree just outside the school gate.  The couple was blissfully unaware of our presence and treated us to an amazing display of feeding and a bit of courtship.

All things considered. Not a bad week.


One thought on “Paradise in School, Common flameback outside school”

  1. hmm, have not been noticing the things around me..have instead taken to thinking about A’s and whatever possible future paths i can take. am considering taking up a teaching assistant’s job at a private school which takes in delinquents and drop-outs to help them take o-levels as private candidates…heh. hope you’re doing fine! =)

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