Bukit Timah 2

Second trip to Bukit Timah. This time it was after a heavy downpour. Perhaps due to the cool weather, saw more fauna. 3 drongos, 2 lizards, 4-5 squirrels, a cicada.

Not bad at all.

Dinner was nice. Fun just chilling out, making Freudian slips now and then. Intentionally or not.

The sudden drop in temperature will probably trigger the blooming of the pigeon orchid, Dendrobium crumenatum.

Watch for it.  Nice white clusters on trees. Just like tiny pigeons ready to fly.


2 thoughts on “Bukit Timah 2”

  1. hi mr lim!! :D:D some day we eat lunch or smth with you just for fun okay haha thank you for helping us (: promos are over yay!!!!! glad you’re enjoying your options heh.

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