Had the first insect sampling today. 12 orders of insect in a humble school field. 22 species of plants in a 8 meter square plot.

Wow. not bad at all.

Talked about forest dynamics today. My favorite topic. Remember browsing through Corner, Whitmore, Turner for my terrestrial tropical ecology course years back.  Terms like forest gaps, canopy shyness, Massenerhebung effect comes back like old friends.

Feel like I have so little time and so much to cover.

Had OSL mentor meeting in the evening. Good to see the team again though I wish I could have been a bit more coherent. Well 3 more months.

Now back to Chek Jawa handout, IRS presentation, seagrass presentation. Maybe will try to finish IRS presentation tomorrow. Seagrass presentation on Friday. Really cutting it close but then thats how things are now. May have to do a Siva, working on the presentation all the way till the venue.

We’ll see.


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