ICCS at ICCS today

Went down to Lim Chu Kang for the first time. Met Li Shan who will be bringing another team of CPPD staff for the cleanup end of the month. The mangroves has a very serene and peaceful feel to it, nothing like the bustling excitement one feels before the big cleanup at Kranji.

Besides the mangroves at the landward side, Lim Chu Kang has a nice mudflat stretching out to the sea. Should be worth exploring some day.

The coca cola team were pretty well organised and after a few group shots, got down to work immediately. Some staff brought their children along and its always good to see more young ones coming down and getting their hands dirty.

We got out before the rain hit us and were uploading our photos at Buloh HQ where the wireless service proved very handy.

Pictures here.

Went off to an organic farm (Bollywood Veggies) for lunch and Hay Dairies to feed some goat. After which applecow and matteblue kindly cleaned up my messy desktop. It was a very mini mac sharing session.

Desktop looks like this now.


All in all a nice day.


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