So much for the break

Its Saturday night. So the week break is gone. So you came back from Ubin and cleared your desk on Monday. Had a nice meeting and a movie, then you rush to Sungei Buloh, have house camp, osl meeting, get wild camp, ORA dinner. On the way to the dinner I was practically comatose due to lack of coffee and food.

Watched the old Rafflesian Alumni back for their gathering. Class of 67, Class of 75… I realised I am afraid to grow old. 45 will be a good age. Hope I will not be a burden to anyone.  Maybe its the idea of being alone. In a crowded place sometimes the sense of isolation becomes more acute.

Been reading too much Time Traveler’s Wife.

Well options begin next week. Hope it will be interesting.  I just need time to arrange all my ideas.


One thought on “So much for the break”

  1. you have emo nemo moments too! which means that me being emo is perfectly fine..i had a crappy paper today, was so stressed that i forgot everything i studied :( never felt so lousy before. SIGH! anyway, i hope that options go well for you…i really enjoyed my term 4 in sec 4..i hope you will too =D

    and no. you are not going to be alone loh. -nods-

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