in the Mud

Went down this morning to prepare the study site for reforestation. Squeezed with with the many workers on 925 enroute to the Kranji reservoir bus stop. Always how is it like working in a plant or a factory. I had a similar experience once. Packing circuit boards. Your life is reduced to simple numbers. Numbers of boards packed. Number of pallets opened. Number of times you clocked OT.

Well alighted right at the end of Kranji extension amidst a light drizzle. The sky looked ominous yet undecided. Angry grey but only yielding soft drifting drops. Walk through KNT trail was like greeting an old friend. Its been quite a while. Last year I was mainly trudging in platform one and now this year the bridge along the main hide.

Today set up 30 Avicennia alba seedlings. Tide was coming in by the time we were ready to plant so had to dig with my bare hands for around 6 of them. Sank above knee for some of them and got splashed on while attempting to use a chungkul to dig up holes. So in short, one of the muddiest episodes so far in Sungei Buloh.

Hands still smell of mud now. Hope the seedlings will be able to grow.


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