OBS Wilderness Medical First Responder Course

Finally back from the course. The course was held in OBS where we were trained by the medical staff. From the moment we got off the boat and put our bags, we were issued our medical pouches and began lessons immediately. Each day’s lesson lasted till late night with a theory test to complete before lights out.

The team I was with were going to be deployed overseas. To be selected for it, 400 signed up and only 10 were chosen. All of them were highly trained, very professional and focussed. Anyone could easily complete a half marathon without much problem. Yet it was really fun working with them. With such great teammates, you also want to push yourself and put in your best.

And push myself I did, the training was very realistic. We were given a series of scenarios, both night and day, to respond to based on what we learnt. And what we learnt is usually from a lesson just an hour ago. So you really have to be focussed and do your best. We were given cases such as spinal fracture, lung puncture, femur fracture, open chest wound to treat and evacuate. So that means carrying casualties around in stretchers alot, and for quite long distances.

Learnt alot in these 4 days. And the course really prepared me for the coming trips I will be going.

Missed 4 days of school. Both good and bad. Needed the break yet one shudders to think of the piles of stuff awaiting for me to clear.


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