Wireless @ buloh

Went down with otterman to Sungei Buloh to check out the launch of its wireless service, a partnership between Nparks, MOE and Icell. A group of Kranji Secondary School students did a wonderful job tagging the stations and creating the content for each one. Now students have a alternative means of accessing information about plants and animals in the mangrove forest even without a guide.

The side benefits of the system is that one can now wireless access at the reserve itself. A great option for outdoor learning, now we can really bring laptops out to the field, process data and link them up with existing content all at the same place, at the same time. I’ll probably try to bring my environmental studies group down for a quick walk and do some data processing. Several options can be explored, google earth, flickr, wordpress and google documents.


We arrived at the place really early, went around to take some photos for a quick post to flickr and habitatnews using the wireless network. So the first move was made by the macs. It was really a cool experience logging in the middle of the boardwalk, with all the birds calling and the light slowly falling through the shelter. If they provide this service to parks such as the botanic gardens, I will definitely expect more visitors to these places. A good way to improve park utility. I will definitely want to use my computer in a park or reserve if given a choice. After the launch, Otterman did a quick introduction of Web 2.0 with the guests of honor and other visitors. They probably thought we were part of the programme seeing us holding our macs (we were trying to continue posting).

Signal strength was good, while we were rushing back to the visitor center for the launch from the boardwalk, otterman was still uploading his post up habitatnews!


After all the dust has settled, we realised that having the wireless service is good enough for Sungei Buloh. One can easily use a 3G enabled phone to access the online mangroves of singapore guide. The resolution and pictures were good enough. Now if only the iphone with its big screen is available, that will be icing on the cake.

On side note, new keyboard from Mac is absolutely delightful to use. Worth every cent.


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