Back to last term

Back from 4 marvelous days in sun kissed Tioman.

The weather has been fantastic, windy at night with angry red clouds but it’ll always break into a nice brilliant blue in the morning. The sun will shine generously on the island, makes it perfect for all the things planned.

The mangrove forest is still as beautiful as before. Development of the Paya Resort saw extensive changes at the river mouth but the magnificent Brugeira gymnorrhiza trees still stand stately at the usual places.

Saw a good number of interesting things. I saw my very first Giant Forest Squirrel and my very first mousedeer! One cannot ask for more from a trip.

Its the last week of my teaching the Sec 4s. After almost 2 years with them, kind of relieved and happy that the journey had been a smooth one. Well will definitely remember this batch for many reasons. All the best.

Going for Outward Bound Wilderness First Aid Responder course in Ubin last week of term. Will miss 4 days of school. Can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Back to last term”

  1. hahaha mr lim you sound awfully excited abt missing school tsk! :D but okay i understand how you feel, just that i dont really dare to miss school in jc or i’ll be struggling for the next week or so! haha oh no i hope your sec4s dont see my comment. but jc’s fun, really (: but rg’s more homely ahhh. have fun at obs! im going to pulau ubin for two days next week whoohoo! hope you’re surviving! dont drink so much coffee ya.

    zishan (:

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