Sasi’s Talk and seagrass angels

Had a really good time last night at Botanic Gardens. Met a few good friends. Sasi of course, it has been ages, 6 years I think, since we last met. He is now a PI in Australia, Adelaide with the South Australian Research and Development Institute, doing seagrass and phytoplankton research.  He was a very good source of motivation during my post grad days and seeing him again brought back many pleasant memories of the days spent in DBS, NUS. And again the session made even better with arrival of otterman, canopyben and fellow seagrass watchers.

Sasi’s talk on what killed the seagrasses was really enjoyable. No one would have thought that measuring seagrass will involve hair raising events such as avoiding great whites.

Of course the evening was topped off with excellent food and conversation at Mr Prata. When a group of biologists gather, the conversation is bound to be interesting.

Meeting Siva always promises some repercussions. Now my seagrass team is prominently featured in Habitatnews. Much to the team’s chagrin. But this feels more like a pat on the shoulder to me. Which was a great feeling. Lekowala also commented and that was icing on the cake.

Seemed to have this affinity for intertidal and mangrove stuff. Projects this year include mangrove reforestation and seagrass. Perhaps its time to specialize and dig deeper into this area.

Here’s a shot of the seagrass angels. Our Labrador park blog –



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