Saturday, 21st April 2007
Lecture Theatre 1, Raffles Junior College
Admission is free and open to the public.

§ Ms Dorothy Ho, Editor of The Photo Essay, specialising in social action photography
§ Mr Bryan Van der Beek, photographer, specialising in photojournalism
§ Ms Pearl Chan, fashion photographer
§ Mr Francis Ng, art photographer and mixed-media installation artist

The speakers are each established photographers in their respective photographic area of expertise.

The seminar will also include the prize-giving ceremony for the winners of the competition. Participants of the seminar may take the chance to view the winning entries at the exhibition held near the seminar venue.

Simply e-mail with your name and IC number to register for the seminar!

More information can be found at


One thought on “Lumiere”

  1. hey mr lim, thanks for publicising this. sorry for my slowness. the seminar went… okay, i think. the speakers were fabulous though :] amazing stuff and amazing people!

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